Vesela Dimova


Coach, Juror

experience for over 10 years

Vesela, known from the TV- Show “Dancing with the Stars” – Austria & Vietnam has over 20 years of experience as a professional dancer, choreographer & teacher. She is a multiple Bulgarian Dance Sport Champion & winner of many international competitions in ballroom & Latin.

She is a certified Dance Sport Trainer – BDSF, Bulgaria & former Athlete in Dance Sport WDSF.

Vesela teaches & supports different levels of dancers since 2011. She shares all his knowledge & experience about dancing, choreography, technique, musicality, improvisation, stage presence, styling, as well as competition/production preparation – skills that every sportsman needs.

She also was invited as an adjudicator at the ” Austrian – China International Dance Festival” – 2022.

Portrait of Vesela Dimova, Unternehmer, Dancer, Choreographer, Yoga Teacher
Vesela Dimova & Hristo Grachki, Bulgarian Dancesport Champion, BDSF/WDSF


Athlete for 14 years, Coach since 2011

At the age of 6, I started my competitive dance career in my home country Bulgaria. I was dancing with three different dance partners. With my last dance partner – Hristo Grachki, we were one of the most successful dance couples in Bulgaria. We took part in very prestigious competitions. These include state championships as well as European and world championships. I was multiple Bulgarian State Champions in “Ballroom Dances” & “10 Dances” – the combination of Latin and Ballroom. We were also able to dust off 1st place in many international competitions. At the World Championship, we were 20. That made us proud representatives of the Bulgarian national team. At that time we traveled a lot worldwide. Our primary Trainers, who supported us during my 14 years of competitive career were known worldwide: Peter Milchev, Misa Cigoj, Alexandra Malai, Luca Bussoletti & Tjasa Vulic, Pablo Bosco & Silvia Pitton, and Andrey Kiselev.

  • Europameisterschaft Standard Youth, Polen 2010
  • Europameisterschaft Standard Youth, Polen 2009
  • Weltmeisterschaft Standard Youth, Lettland 2009
  • Weltmeisterschaft Standard Junior 2, Spain 2008
  • Staatsmeisterin in Standard Youth, Bulgarien 2009
  • Vice-Meisterin Youth (Latein&Standard), Bulgarien 2009
  • Staatsmeisterin in Standard Junior 2, Bulgarien 2008

You can find more info about my competitive career at WDSF Website.

Dancing with the Stars

Vietnam 2012

I was only 18 years old and was in my final year of school when the request for the world-famous BBC “Dancing Stars” format arrived in Vietnam. 2012 I lived in Vietnam for 6 months and danced with Vietnamese celebrity Quách Ngọc Ngoan – an actor. We ranked 7th, despite the difficulties I faced. I managed to exert everything I could. He was a lovely guy, but he was not the most talented one (no sense of rhythm, no coordination, no conditioning). He wasn’t the most motivated participant either. There was very little time and desire to train. In addition, the language of communication was also a barrier for us because he only spoke Vietnamese. Without a translator, with a lot of patience and the right training tools, we still managed to dance 3 rounds and win 7th place. I am proud of his success.

Dancing with the stars-Vietnam, Vesela Dimova, Tango Tanzshow
BBC- Dancing with the Stars in Vietnam, Vesela Dimova & Hoa Hiep 2013

Dancing with the Stars

Vietnam 2013

2013 I participated again in the next season of “Dancing with the Stars” – Vietnam. This time I danced with the Vietnamese actor- Hoa Hiep. With whom we managed to rank 6th. We had a great time together as a team and were able to present our performances in Hip Hop, Cha-Cha-Cha, English Waltz, and Indian Dance. After we left the show in the 4th round I worked as a model and as a choreographer on additional projects.

Dancing Stars

Austria 2020

In 2020 I participated for the first time in the Austrian ORF production of “Dancing Stars” and danced successfully together with football legend Andreas Ogris until the 6th show. He was the oldest of the celebrities on the show, and I had to take his physical health into consideration. We were publicum favorite couple and had the most votes. He did great job. I am glad I could get him to dance and expire him to take care of his health. A great friendship was born between us.

ORF Dancing Stars 2020, Vesela Dimova & Andreas Ogris
ORF Dancing Stars, Austria 2021, Vesela Dimova & Bernhard Kohl

Dancing Stars

Austria 2021

In 2021, I made it to the final of Dancing Stars with professional cyclist Bernhard Kohl. Just an unforgettable moment! At first, no one believed we would make it past even one round of the show, as he had never danced before. He was also not a crowd favorite because of his doping history. But despite the difficulties and uncertainties we made it to the final and took 4th place. I am proud that I was able to support him not only on the dance floor, but in his personal life and emotional growth. I will never forget our emotional last performance when the audience rose to their feet and applauded us wildly. just an unforgettable moment!


Vesela Dimova, BBC "Dancing with the Stars", ORF Dancing Stars, Austria & Vietnam


2 Minuten 2 Millionen, Puls 4

Mit “Bodi Zone” wollen Marcel Ott, Vesela Dimova und Janine Wald die Durchführung von Online-Trainings auf ein neues Level bringen. In unterschiedlichen Sportarten sind Trainings-Videos von Profi Sportler:innen abrufbar, die sowohl alleine als auch gemeinsam mit Freunden durchgeführt werden können. Ebenso mit dabei: “Effekt Footwear”: Ben Smits und seine Freundin Manuela Achitz leben mit ihren Sneakern das Zero-Waste-Prinzip, denn die Schuhe bestehen zu 90% aus Ocean-Plastic.

The children of other Bulgaria, BTV

Vesela Dimova has loved challenges since childhood. Born in Pazardzhik, she became passionate about dancing when she was only 6 years old. And so – her life takes a new direction. Competitions, a change of partners, a new club in another city followed, until he reached the Bulgarian national team. With his partner at the time, Hristo Grachki, they won medals and titles at national and world championships. This was followed by private lessons with foreign teachers and an unexpected invitation from the team of the television competition “Dancing Stars” in Vietnam…

What else happens in the life of the talented Vesela Dimova, see in the film by journalist Georgi Toshev, cameraman Boris Pintev and director Kaloyana Klimentova


A talented Bulgarian woman managed to bring Austrian cycling champion Bernard Kohl, who gave up his sports career after a doping scandal, back into the spotlight. Vesela Dimova is a sports dance teacher and is the first heroine in the new season of the show “The Children of the Other Bulgaria”, which starts this Saturday on bTV.

Watch how Vesela teaches Bernard to play handball in the video.

Tanzend FIT per Handy-APP?

Marcel Ott & Vesela Dimova im Interview mit Andreas Schmid & Barbara Fleißner bei der Frühstück-Sendung “Cafe Puls”, wo sie ihr Start-Up, (Online Platform für Workouts, Dance, Yoga etc.) vorstellen und einen Vorgeschmack auf ihren Auftritt bei der beliebten TV-Show “2 Minuten 2 Millionen”.

Erfahre mehr über ihr spannendes Projekt mit einem Klick.

Cafe Puls, with Vesela Dimova & Marcel Ott in Interview about their Start-Up, online Trainings, Dance & Yoga

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